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Is a vegan diet right for you?

Want to know if a vegan diet is suitable for you or if you have any nutritional deficiencies that need correcting? These tests may be ideal for you! Vegan and plant-based diets are trendy these days. While some adopt the lifestyle for ethical and health reasons, others are in it merely because it is the […]

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Chipotle Beans with Kamut Grain and Broccoli

If you’re bored of eating rice, try my new chipotle beans with Kamut grain.   Kamut is thought to be the ancient Egyptian word for wheat. It contains more protein, vitamins and minerals than common wheat varieties like durum wheat. Kamut is rich in manganese, selenium vitamin B1, and a good source of iron magnesium, […]

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Zinc: Health Benefits and Vegan Sources

Zinc is essential for proper wound healing, sexual health and fertility and immunity. You only need minimal amounts to stay healthy. Fall short, however, and you may be at risk of developing various health conditions.  Zinc is a trace mineral, meaning that you only need small quantities of it to stay healthy. Men need slightly […]

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