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Want to go vegan but not sure where to start? Or just curious about a vegan diet and want to give it a go?
This kickstart challenge is just what you need...

Tofu and Pea Curry with Basmati Rice

Quick and easy vegan tofu and pea curry with basmati rice. It is no secret that I absolutely adore lentil and chickpea curries! I have been bloating a lot more than usual every time I eat chickpeas so I’ve made a conscious effort to lay off them temporarily until I figure out what’s up. One […]

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Coconut rice and Peas with Jerk Mushrooms

Jamaica-inspired Coconut Rice and peas with jerk Mushrooms. Once you hear the word ‘jerk’ I’m pretty sure your mind goes straight to Jamaica! So, it comes as no surprise that this recipe is Jamaica-inspired. Jerk is a style of cooking that involves marinating meat (typically chicken or pork) with a spice rub before cooking it. […]

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[September] – Vegan Favorites

My vegan favourites for the month of September. There is so much more to the plant-based/vegan lifestyle than food. I realise that my blog focuses largely on the food side of things, but I would now like to start incorporating more of the non-food aspects. Today, I will share with you some of the vegan […]

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Creamy tagliatelle pasta with wild mushrooms

My easy vegan creamy tagliatelle with wild mushrooms. I endeavor to eat a predominantly whole foods diet. If you look at my Instagram feed, you’ll be greeted with images of all sorts of grains, legumes, and vegetables. One reason why I choose to eat whole foods is that it has a stabilizing effect on blood […]

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