5 Wellness Habits I will adopt in 2019

5 Wellness Habits I will adopt in 2019

360 wellness is one of my main goals for 2019. In this post, I share the five habits I will take on to help me achieve this goal. 

I’ve done the new year resolutions thing every year without fail for the past ten years at least. Do you know what’s sad?

I have not kept any of them for more than a few months at a time. Sigh!

Shameful as it is, I know you probably have the same experience so I won’t dwell on it. No more resolutions for me henceforth! I refuse to try to quit anything, or vow never to do anything again or set any unrealistic target that will undoubtedly fail. Can I get an amen?

Two thousand and nineteen will be about adding to my life, and if necessary, making small {realistic} changes that become sustainable habits. The list of things I want to prioritise in 2019 include:

1.| Journalling

I journaled a lot when I was at secondary school and for a period when I was at university. Journalling took a back seat when I suddenly felt I was too old to keep a diary. Looking back, I can see how journalling contributed to some of my significant achievements and how it helped my mental health. I had a private place to vent and let go of things that bothered me, monitor my progress and set new targets for myself.

I’m wiser now and I no longer feel that journalling is only for lost adolescents. Moreover, I miss it and I’m certain it will be a great tool to keep me on track for the business and wellness goals I’ve set for myself.

I researched a lot of journals before settling on the Conquer Your Year Planner by Natalie MacNeil. The idea is that you choose four big goals to achieve during the year (hello realistic) and you work on each of them during each of the quarters of the year. The journal allows you to divide each major goal into five bite-sized milestones that you work on over 12 weeks. The 12-week period is called a sprint.  You will outline tasks for each week of the sprint that keep you on track to make steady progress toward your big goal.

You also have daily sections to record gratitude, water intake and exercise, and one to review your progress at the end of the week. This element of the journal is what sold it to me because it ties business seamlessly with wellness. There are no sections to track your food intake. If that’s something you would like to do, you may need to get a separate journal or notebook.

I can’t wait to start using this journal. I already believe it will make 2019 my most productive year yet.


Meditating is the one thing I’ve started and stopped so many times this year. I struggle with it so much for different reasons. 

Sometimes I start to get a lot of random thoughts or worry about things that I should be doing when I’m trying to meditate. I can’t get myself to relax in those situations, and then I get frustrated and give up. Other times, it is my kids. Just when I think I have a spare five minutes to do it, one of them wants something, or they’re both fighting over something, so I give up. Other times, I forget about it altogether and remember after a few months.

I know meditation has a lot of benefits. The plan is to find sometime early each morning (well before my kids wake up) to centre myself and perhaps at night time just before I go to sleep.

3.| Drinking More Water

I go through phases of drinking enough water and phases of hardly drinking any. I’m usually drinking a lot of decaffeinated coffee on the days I’m not getting enough water in, which is terrible.

I have a time-graduated water bottle to help me with this, but for some reason, I stuffed it at the back of my kitchen cabinet. I guess it is time to wash it and put it to good use.

4.| Spending More Time Outdoors

British weather reduces the appeal of spending time outdoors especially in  Autumn and Winter because of the persistent rain. In as much as I hate getting wet, I’m okay if I have my umbrella with me. What really gets on my nerves is the strong wind that comes with rain. You know those ones that have you battling to keep your umbrella open or stop it from turning inside out? Yes, those do my head in!

In saying that, I love how refreshed I feel after a long walk or even after just sitting on a bench in the park, breathing in fresh air and observing nature. I know I’m not imagining things because there is scientific evidence to back my claims.

I plan to go for long walks at least four times a week, and eventually make it a daily thing.

5.|Practising Yoga at Least Once a Week

I have no intention of becoming a yogi or the next Koya Webb. I merely want to improve my flexibility.

HIIT and weight-lifting are my favourite form of movement or exercise (if you prefer to call it that), but I’m aware that flexibility reduces the risk of injury and improves blood flow to tissues. Flexibility is so important, especially if you’re performing high-intensity exercise regularly.

I plan to use the Yoga workout programmes from Beachbody since I already train with other programmes in their Library.

Apart from these five things, I hope to work on my relationships, my career, my fitness and my diet. I will document as much as as I can on my blog in the hope that it keeps me on track and perhaps motivates to work on areas in your life that need improvement. If you’re interested in 360 wellness, you’ll have a lot to look forward to from me in the new year.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas with your family, friends and loved ones. See you in the new year!


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