Hi there!

I’m Somi, a plant-based foodie, biomedical scientist, nutritional therapist, fitness lover, wellness enthusiast, wifey and mama of two. I love all things natural and plant-based, but let’s be clear, I’m no fanatic.

I’ve started a lot of self-improvement journeys in the last ten years. Most have been hugely successful, and others have been epic fails primarily because of my radical approach. No Bueno!

I’ve learned the hard way that to making lasting habits, I need to change one thing at a time and continue to do it consistently. It hit me very recently that what I’ve been chasing all along is simple – overall wellness.

In no particular order, I want to look good, feel good, eat well, be happy, be the best mum and wife I can be, live a mindful, intentional life, give more, have peace of mind, and see the good in positive and negative situations. None of these things will happen at the snap of my fingers. I expect triumphs and colossal failures in equal measure, but above all, I look forward to the valuable lessons that I will learn along the way.

The plan is to share progressive [health-focused] knowledge and my ever-evolving wellness journey, and to hopefully inspire you to create a well-rounded, meaningful life that you love!

Welcome to somiigbene.com.