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Lunch & Dinner

Tempeh and Beetroot Curry

This vegan tempeh and beetroot curry is a good source of protein and health-boosting antioxidants. When it comes to superfoods, the humble beetroot is a front runner! Beetroots belong to the same family as chard and spinach, but unlike either of these greens, beetroot roots are also edible. Beetroots are available in different varieties including […]

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Tamarind Borlotti Bean Curry

If you want something different from your usual curry recipe, why not try this tamarind borlotti bean curry? Its hint of sweetness and tartness will give your taste buds a lovely, yummy surprise.  Tamarind is not a typical ingredient in Western cuisines; you’ll usually find it in Asian (or African) dishes. If you don’t know […]

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Vegan Vegetable Ragu with Gigli

Easy and nourishing vegetable ragu with Gigli pasta  I was watching a video on why sugar is detrimental to our health on YouTube yesterday, and I was mortified when pasta was included in the list of ‘bad’ carbs. Pasta does not have the same effect on blood sugar like processed foods as cereals, white rice, […]

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