The best cookbooks for easy vegan recipes

If you’re a new vegan looking for easy vegan recipes to help you on your new journey, this post should be useful. In this post, I review 4 vegan cookbooks with delicious vegan recipes.


I pride myself on being able to cook simple dishes, but I run out of ideas frequently. I also sometimes want to try things I wouldn’t think of. Instagram always provides amazing ideas, but nothing ever tops cookbooks! Not only do you know what exactly has gone into a dish, you can modify it in various ways to make it your own.

Before choosing these books, I did a lot of searching on Amazon, and I read a lot of reviews. In my opinion, they’re the best out there and I would totally recommend them. Just to be clear, I own every single book below (either in paperback or kindle format), so I can honestly say they’re worth the hype.

Vegan Cookbooks with Easy Vegan Recipes

The Vegan Bible by Marie Laforêt

The Vegan Bible comes as a hardback book. It starts off by introducing you to veganism, then explains in simple terms why you should go vegan, and finally provides some advice on how to go vegan. If you’re worried about being deficient in nutrients like B12, calcium and iron, you will learn about some of their sources in plant foods, and how to eat a balanced vegan diet.

The book is laid out in easy to follow sections, starting off with plant proteins and then providing ideas on how to substitute dairy products and eggs. The recipes in this book for this are phenomenal. They cover everything from making nut milks, cheese, creme fraiche, buttermilk, tofu and even margarine to eggless cakes and other desserts.

There is a plethora of recipes for vegetables, dips, salads and chocolate. If you love to throw dinner parties, or go on picnics, whatever the occasion, there are recipes to help you with them. There are even ideas for children!

Almost every dish is photographed so you have a clear idea of what you should be aiming for.  Needless to say, all the recipes look delicious, and there are so many of them that you will find it very difficult to run out of ideas.

The Vegan Bible gets top marks from me because it is extremely easy to follow and it covers most of the basics that every new vegan needs to know.

Keep it Vegan: 100 Simple, Healthy & Delicious Dishes by Aine Carlin

I was drawn to Keep it Vegan because of the amazing reviews it has on Amazon, the fact that it has received a PETA award, and also because it is currently being sold at a heavily discounted rate on Amazon. Hey! No shame in my game, LOL!

Once again the layout of this book is also great. I like the font used for the title of each recipe – very laid back and makes you think you’re learning from a friend. The author, Aine provides a brief insight to why she became vegan and some of the health benefits she has experienced since going vegan. There is a section on store cupboard essentials that will be very helpful to those who are just learning to cook or who need more inspiration on ingredients to use for their meals.

I love the fact the recipes across many cuisines, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Mexican. I have a feeling that it’s one the reasons so many people love it. She hasn’t skimped on desserts, infact one of the first things I will make from this book is the no-bake strawberry vanilla cheesecake. Thinking about it now, cheesecake is probably the thing I miss the most from my non-vegan days. So I’m very eager to create a vegan version.

As it is written by an Irish lady, all the measurement are in grams, which is such a relief! All of the ingredients are also easy to find in your local supermarket, and nothing comes across as unfamiliar. To be honest, this is probably the simplest vegan cookbook out of all the others I mention, and it is the one I’ll recommend getting first. Just to reiterate, if you can only buy one cookbook, Keep it Vegan!

Forkes over Knives Family by Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD

Forkes over Knives is a gem for new families. It works you through eating a plant-based diet during pregnancy, your baby’s first year and beyond. If you are not vegan yet, but want to transition your family to a vegan diet, this book is also of great help.

There are so many child-friendly recipes, all of which are simple to make. Forkes over Knives is written by American’s so most of the measurements are in cups, temperatures for cooking are in Fahrenheit, which is a bit of a pain. Some of the ingredients are also foreign (arame or hijiki anyone?) so you may find some parts of the book difficult to follow. Otherwise recipes like the chocolate chip coconut pancake and the black bean tostadas have been a hit in my family.

I would absolutely recommend Forkes over Knives Family if you’re trying to transition your whole family to a vegan lifestyle, and if you need ideas for cooking for picky eaters. Just beware of the fact that the measurements for the recipes are suited to an American audience.


Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F**K

Thug Kitchen is a great book with a diverse range of recipes. It’s not exactly a beginner-friendly cookbook, but the recipes in it are great so it would be an injustice not to mention it. It has so many amazing recipes like taco’s, burritos, and chills.

One of my favourite things about Thug Kitchen is the amount of dip recipes recipes! Some of them, I already know how to make, but I’ve got some new ideas for twists I can add to my own recipes.

Dessert lovers haven’t been left out either, there are recipes for carrot cake cookies, banana cream pie, strawberry shortcake (mmm), scones and muffins! Many of these dessert recipes will be saved for special occasions for me! I’m not a huge sweet-tooth, but things like shortcake and cheesecake are a weakness, lol!

Needless to say, Thug Kitchen is absolute YES! Oh, it has a lot of cursing/swearing in it, so if you’re sensitive to all that stay away. That said, don’t let the cursing put you off! There are so many good recipes in there, you’d be making a mistake by not getting it.


In my opinion, these are the best vegan cookbooks that contain easy vegan recipes for new/beginner vegans! I love them and I doubt I’ll need to invest in any cookbooks for a while. Simply because between them, I have a plethora of ideas to work with.


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