Equipment You Need for DIY Plant-Based Beauty

You need to eat a healthy diet to get healthy hair and skin, but you can undoubtedly nourish them from the outside with quality products. Quality products usually come with intimidating price tags, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them.

You can create high-end and effective products that are tailored to your hair and skin care needs in the comfort of your own home. And that’s precisely what I will be showing you in this DIY section of my blog. You only need a basic set of equipment to get you started. Some of these you may have already, and others you may need to purchase.

I would suggest that you buy a set of equipment that you use specifically for making products and never for cooking. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this either. I would also suggest getting sterile bottles and jars for your finished products. You must never wash out old containers and then put fresh products into them.

Product-Making Equipment

1| Digital scale

A digital scale is essential because you will need to measure out each of your ingredients accurately in grams. A regular digital kitchen scale will suffice, but I recommend that you get a precision digital scale as well as it allows you measure smaller quantities more accurately.

2| Double boiler

A double boiler comprises of either one saucepan nesting inside another saucepan, or a heatproof bowl like a pyrex bowl or resting over a pan. This allows the heat from the base saucepan to heat up the ingredients you have in the saucepan or bowl on top. You never want to heat your ingredients directly so that you don’t denature them or destroy all of their nourishing properties.

3| Selection of mixing spoons

Metal spoons or silicone spatulas will do, but I prefer to use silicone spatulas. Depending on the type of spoons you get, metal can be easier to clean. I usually use silicone spatulas without crevices to prevent bacterial contamination. I also use BPA-free spatulas so that I don’t transfer chemicals from them into my natural products.

4| Steel mixing bowls

Once you make your products, you’ll need somewhere to mix them properly and let them cool in and that’s where these mixing bowls come in. You can use plastic if you wish, but steel bowls are more durable and will help your products cool down quicker.

5| Heatproof glass measuring jug

You’ll need a heatproof glass jug to measure out hot water. You can use a clean pot or pan for this, but a graduated jug makes measurements more straightforward. The fact that is heatproof makes it easy to handle.

6| Thermometer

The ingredients you need to make products usually need to be heated up to least 70ºC to make durable emulsions. You’ll need a sensitive thermometer to help you monitor the temperature of your ingredients while you heat them. You’ll need one with a long probe for safety reasons.

7| Stick blender

Emulsions are made by mixing water and oil components. A stick blender will help you mix them quicker and will ensure that they’re properly combined to prevent splitting. This is especially important if you choose to make large batches of products for your friends and family.

In the next post, I’ll share a recipe for a simple hair conditioner.



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