Green Wednesdays at YO! Sushi

Green Wednesdays at YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi is the place to go for lunch on Wednesdays! From Inari taco to Yasai rolls and tofu katsu, you’ll be spoiled for choice with their impressive vegan menu!

Vegan food in the UK has come such a long way since I transitioned in April 2016. Back then, I would have to study restaurant menus intently and then try to figure out ways to customise the dishes that were available or order a bunch of side dishes to make a meal. Those days are long gone thankfully! You can now pretty much walk into most restaurants without having to pre-plan or resort to eat only chips and salad.

I haven’t officially announced it, but earlier this month, YO! named me as one of their ambassadors. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. I’ve been buzzing all over the place, beside myself with excitement. You can bet I’ve been telling everyone who cares to listen how thrilled I am. I have always loved YO! but this has given me more incentive to share their tasty vegan menu with you.  Please don’t think that my ambassador title influences my opinion of their dishes, everything I say is 100% my honest opinion. 

On Wednesdays at YO! sushi, you enjoy any vegan or vegetarian dish for only £2.30 each. I love that you can choose a variety of dishes to make up a meal, it is very much like eating Tapas. The dishes look small and you may think you’ll be hungry at the end of it, but trust me you’ll be stuffed. The nutritional value of each dish is clearly displayed making it easier for you to keep track of your calorie intake if you’re so inclined. 

Yo! invited my friend and I for lunch last Wednesday. She’s not vegan, but we had a blast! Here is what I ordered:

AVOCADO: Avocado topped rice with  a nori band and a touch of vegan mayo.
KAISO SEAWEED: Marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrot in a su-miso dressing. 
PUMPKIN KATSU: Naturally sweet, crispy bites of kabocha pumpkin, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce. 
VEGETABLE GYOZA: Spinach dumplings filled with cabbage, carrots, edamame & more veggies. Served with soy vinegar. 

YASAI: Inari, avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce and carrot roll, topped with teriyaki & vegan mayo. 
INARI TACO: Golden tofu pockets filled with rice, avocado, ponzu salsa and vegan sriracha mayo. 
AVOCADO MAKI: Avocado and vegan maki wrapped in a nori roll.

Everything I had was super delicious. I’d highly recommend trying the pumpkin katsu, inari taco and the vegetable gyoza. The tofu katsu is also divine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available at the Yo! branch I visited. If you see it on the menu, do yourself a favour and grab it, it is amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year!


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