What I eat in a day as a vegan

What I eat in a day as a vegan for weight loss, energy, and health.

Before we get into what I eat in a day as a vegan, I want you to know that I practice intermittent fasting. It essentially means that I eat all of my food within certain hours of the day and then allow my body to take a break from digesting food throughout the remainder of the day.

I don’t have set eating periods, I tend to eat whenever I get hungry. However, I usually eat all of my meals between 11 am and 6-7 pm each day. On some days, I am hungry before 11 am and on other days I am not hungry until 2 pm. I typically just go with the flow, but I never eat later than 7 pm otherwise I get terrible heartburn.

I used to eat two large meals a day, but I’ve recently started eating three smaller meals. I’ve found that eating two large meals places too much stress on my digestive system and leaves me very bloated. I rarely eat snacks in between meals because my meals are often quite large. But when I do, it is usually a Good Full Stop Bar because they’re amazing!.

In saying that, I’ve started incorporating a shake in between breakfast and lunch because I’ve started doing more weight bearing exercises and feel I need to up my protein intake a little. I will write a separate post reviewing the protein I’m currently trying once I’ve had it for long enough.


I chose to start my day with avo toast because I haven’t had it in a very long time. I typically prefer whole grain bread, but my kids prefer white bread. Since I don’t eat bread often, I buy the 50/50 (half brown, half white) for them.

I used a very small avocado for this breakfast. I basically split the avocado in half and then sliced one-half of it and mashed the other half. I spread some of the mashed avocado on both slices of toast. I  then put the avocado slices on one piece of toast and the remaining mashed avocado on the piece of toast.

To finish, I sprinkled on some paprika, black pepper, flax seeds and goji berries.

This meal provides around 343 Calories with 34g Carbs, 15g Fat, and 8g Protein.


I always eat a whole grain for lunch because I love grains. I typically choose rice, but now that I am trying to cut down on the number of times I eat rice, I’m varying my grains a lot more.

For lunch today I chose to have a red quinoa salad with chickpeas, rocket (arugula), peas, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and tenderstem broccoli. I started off by cooking the quinoa in a vegetable broth. I steamed the peas, broccoli, and sweet corn and set them aside. Once the quinoa was cooked, I simply mixed by pre-cooked chickpeas with the quinoa, peas, broccoli, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and rocket. I topped the salad with a store bought vegan salad cream dressing.

This meal provides around 546kcal with 77g Carbs, 12g Fat, and 22g Protein


I try to eat at least three servings of legumes a day because they are my main source of protein. I typically go over three servings, but I rarely eat less. Don’t forget that peas count as a legume rather than a vegetable.

Today I was feeling far too lazy to cook anything that needed a lot of preparation. On days like this, I cook pasta because it is fast and it hardly ever goes wrong, lol! Pesto pasta was on the menu today and all I did was cook the pasta, and then steam some broccoli and peas. I always make my own pesto, but I was recently sent a jar of pesto to review so I used that instead.

A review of the pesto will be on my blog very soon.

Once the pasta was cooked, I added a couple of teaspoons of pesto to the pasta, added the broccoli and peas and stirred everything together thoroughly. I spooned the pasta into a bowl and then topped with some sunflower seeds and black pepper. I also added some nutritional yeast (not pictured).

This meal provides 570 Kcal with 93g Carbs, 10g Fat, and 22g Protein.

I eat a lot less fat than this normally. And I’m not saying that to infer that eating fat is bad. I break out in spots if I eat like this more than twice a week, so I keep my fats as low as possible.

Anyway, I hope this has given you an insight into what one day of eating looks like. If you enjoy this post, let me know either by liking or commenting and I’ll do more of them.



  1. Nicola
    31st August 2017 / 6:20 PM

    So much green <3

    • 1st September 2017 / 7:54 PM

      Because greens = goodness 🙂 Thank you hun!

  2. Charlene
    2nd September 2017 / 12:59 AM

    I love the ideas of food you have given me. Thanks Somi

    • 2nd September 2017 / 8:27 PM

      You’re welcome Charlene 🙂

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