Meet Somi

Hi, I’m Somi….but I guess you already knew that from the title of my website, lol.  Welcome to my little space on the world wide web!

I don’t know how it works for you, but I find writing an ‘about me’ section extremely difficult. I almost never know what to say especially if I have to write something formal.

I’m going to keep this very casual because it is the easiest way for me to let my personality shine through and for you to really get to know me. So here goes…

The technical stuff
I’ve been interested in health and wellness since I was a little girl. I studied Biomedical Sciences (with a component of nutrition) at Kings College London, completed a Masters’ degree in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology at Imperial College London.

After my degrees, I worked with several medical communications agencies as a Medical Writer. I worked on projects involving several Key Opinion Leaders in Immunology, Nephrology, Oncology, Cardiology and several other therapy areas. I’ve written a few peer-review publications, textbooks and several other medical materials for pharmaceutical companies.

I struggled a lot with my weight during my years as a student. It was then that I decided to further my studies in nutrition to re-educate myself and to control my weight. In addition to self-study, I’ve done some Association of Nutrition approved courses to advance my knowledge in the area. I keep studying everyday through peer-review journals.

I started eating a plant-based diet on 11 April 2016 because I developed allergies and severe intolerances to dairy and meat. You can read more about why I became vegan here.

I have since developed a passion for cooking plantbased meals and sharing photos of them with my vegan Instagram family.

I frequently receive recipe requests and questions about the vegan lifestyle. On this blog, I hope to share my recipes and everything I know (and learn along the way) about veganism with anyone curious/interested.

The fun stuff
I am a Nigerian + British. I am married, and I am a mum to two beautiful children. I enjoy exercising a lot, especially with BeachBody workout programmes (no, this is not an ad).

I live for Wimbledon (the tennis championships) in the summer! Music is my antidote for sad times and my celebratory ‘pill’ for happier times. I am a very reserved person, but I can be very outgoing in the right company.

I love to cook (obviously, lol) and I love learning new things. In fact, I recently learned to make natural cosmetics just to reduce the amount of chemicals I put on my skin. I developed some awesome vegan products (shower gels and body butters) that have been safety tested to meet European Union standards so I’m very excited to share more about them.

I’m a very easy going girl with zero skills when it comes to make-up, lol! You will often find me bare-faced in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt – comfort is the name of my game! I try not to take life too seriously even though life makes it tough not to.

I’m passionate about helping people with nutrition whether it is weight loss related or otherwise. I love to meet new people, so if you’re anything like me or you just want help with something, you’re more than welcome to send me a message on Instagram or or an e-mail.

Thanks so much for hanging with me.

With love,



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