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What New Vegans Ought to Know About Soy

If the soy controversy is driving you crazy, you’re not alone. I have been going through a rather annoying cycle of eating it, then panicking and deciding not to eat it. A few weeks ago, I decided to put an end to the madness by reading as much as I could about soy. I studied peer-reviewed journal […]

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Vegan Grocery List for week of 15 April 2017

I’m a bit behind on posting my vegan grocery shopping list, sorry. You will notice that some of the fruits I bought last week were organic and others were not. I make a point to only buy organic strawberries and apples, but I’m little more relaxed with the other fruits. The reason why I choose […]

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Easy, 20 minute Jollof Quinoa with Italian Herbs

Quinoa is one of those grains that taste horrible if you overcook it. I personally think that quinoa tastes best if cooked al dente because it retains its delicious, nutty flavour. I always cook my quinoa for a shorter amount time, and with much less water than the packets indicate. If you struggle with cooking quinoa, […]

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What is in my shopping basket – Vegan Grocery List

Can you show me your vegan grocery list please? That is a question I get almost every day. So it seems this post is long overdue. My grocery list is very similar every week. The only things that really change are vegetables and beans. Otherwise, my diet is extremely predictable. You may think its boring but […]

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