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Do you want to eat a healthier vegan diet but have no idea how or where to start?
Enroll in this FREE mini-course to learn how to eat nutrient dense, whole-food plant-based meals. You'll also receive a FREE 7-day meal plan, complete with grocery lists and recipes.

Lesson 4 – Plant-Based Food Pyramid and Meal Plan

Welcome to Lesson 4! In the last lesson, you learned which foods to eat to get crucial nutrients. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to apply that knowledge to creating nutritious meal plans. The Plant-Based Food Pyramid You already know that the five main food groups you should be eating are starchy vegetables and whole […]

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Plant-Based Sources of Essential Nutrients

Welcome to Lesson 3! I hope you are finding this mini-course useful. In the last lesson, we briefly looked at what a whole-foods plant-based diet entails, the foods you should eat and those you should avoid. When I initially began to eat a plant-based diet, I worried about my long-term health because nutritionists and dieticians […]

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Plant-based Foods to Eat and Those to Avoid

Welcome to Lesson 2! In the last lesson, we looked at the health benefits of the plant-based diet. To recap, some of the benefits were: After the last lesson, you may have decided to fully commit to the plant-based way of eating and put in plans to tackle any obstacles you may face on your journey. […]

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Why You Should Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Hi, Somi here! I’m so excited that you’re curious about the plant-based way of eating. I have been eating this way for over 18 months, and I can whole-heartedly tell you that it has transformed my health and the way I think about food. Over the next five days, you will learn about You will […]

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