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My Vegan Fitness Journey – Training Programme

I can’t believe I’m sat here writing a blog post when its a beautiful and sunny 23°C day. If this doesn’t count as dedication, I don’t know what else does. Just kidding, lol. As I mentioned in my previous post, my main goals are to lean out (burn fat) and hopefully build some muscle. I am aware […]

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The best way to go vegan

Every time I come across a new vegan on Instagram, my heart fills up with excitement, joy and pride. Excitement because they will soon start to view food from a completely different, but amazing perspective. Joy because they may improve their health dramatically, and pride because it is such a difficult lifestyle to choose in the world we […]

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Yummy vegan lentil curry sans coconut milk

Coconut milk takes lentil curries/dal to another level, no questions asked. But, without coconut milk, trust me, they’re also great! This vegan lentil curry recipe is extremely spicy (🌶 🌶), so if you’re not a spice lover please adjust it to suit your taste. This is a one pot recipe, so it really doesn’t get easier than this!

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