Hello, I’m Somi. I’m a plant-based wellness blogger, a foodie who loves to stay fit, listen to music and read about nutrition. I’m of Nigerian descent but live in London, UK. 

After studying for my PhD in Cell & Molecular Immunology at Imperial College, I worked for a few medical communications agencies as a Medical Writer. With marriage came kids and my love for cooking healthy meals. I adopted a plant-based diet in 2016, started my blog shortly after, and I’ve been working on it full-time ever since. 

In my spare time, I enjoy browsing through online clothing stores, hanging out with friends, working out, and playing games or watching movies with my husband and kids to unwind. When I’m not cooking something edible, I’m making natural skin and hair care products. 

For all business enquiries, partnerships, advertisements or anything else, please contact me via email at

I primarily work with brands in the vegan/plant-based food and wellness niches. However, I do also enjoy working with brands that resonate with my personal interests including parenting, fitness and natural hair and skincare product making. 

There are so many ways we can work together. I’m able to:

  • Create content for your product (s) and promote them on my social media channels or on my blog
  • Review your plant-based / vegan food and beauty products
  • Develop recipes (food and beauty) with your branded product
  • Become an ambassador for your brand (as long as I believe in your product)
  • Attend vegan food tastings

If there are any other collaborations you have in mind, please go ahead and send me an email and let’s discuss it. My media kit is available on request.