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21-Day Whole Foods Vegan Challenge




The 21-Day Whole Foods Vegan challenge is designed to help you start eating a nutrient-dense vegan diet.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve read about the benefits of a plant-based diet, but have no idea what or how to eat.
  • You’ve been eating a junk food vegan diet. You want to start eating healthier, but you’re not sure how to start
  • You want to be sure that you’re getting enough nutrients from your diet
  • You want to incorporate more greens into your diet
  • You don’t know how to plan meals or how to put together simple delicious meals that will keep you feeling full and energised
  • You want nutritious meals that are budget-friendly, tasty and family friendly

What you’ll get

  • Weekly shopping lists to help you stock your pantry and plan your meals
  • Easy to follow meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Recipes with photos so you can see what you’ll be preparing and eating
  • A variety of nutritious plant-based meals 

You’ll receive three separate PDF files with a goal-setting worksheet, shopping list and recipes for each of the three weeks.



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