Sainsburys Tastemakers Goody Bag

Sainsburys Tastemakers Goody Bag

This post is not sponsored, however, the items displayed were gifts from Sainsbury's. The opinions expressed are all mine. 

In this post, I share all the plant-based goodies Sainsburys gifted me this month.

In the last quarter of 2018, Sainsbury’s selected a group of foodies to be a part of their exclusive Sainsbury’s Tastemakers community. While we do not get paid, we get to test a range of new products as well as attend educational (food-related) events. We are not obliged to share the details of what we receive, but in my opinion, most of the products are too good not to share.

The Sainsbury’s Tastemaker community officially launched in November 2018. I got to meet some plant-based foodie bloggers and eat lots of plant-based food. I have to admit that most of the food was not to my taste, but the ones that were were super delicious. The highlight of the day for me was the educational aspect and also meeting Victoria of My Perfect Greens and Samira of Alpha Foodie on Instagram.

Sainsbury’s sent out my first Tastemaker goody back on Friday. I was so excited, I hardly signed off the delivery before opening the bag. I really liked the branded chiller bag the products came in. It has two compartments, one on top and one on the bottom. It makes it easy to keep different foods separate if you wish. The bag was stuffed to the brim! So, so generous of Sainsbury’s!

I am most excited about trying the Lara Bar’s because they’ve been raved about so much in the US, I can’t wait to find out if they live up to the hype.

I got the chance to try the No1 Kombucha at the Sainsbury’s launch event back in November and I really enjoyed the raspberry, pomegranate and hibiscus flavour. I haven’t tried the other two flavours (passion fruit & goji and ginger & turmeric) that they sent, but I expect to enjoy them too.

Sainsbury’s sent quite a few of their own label plant-based mock meats and sausages including:

  • chorizo style shroomdogs
  • the smoky jack quarter pounder
  • cumberland shroomups
  • shromballs

You may already know that I’m not so keen on mock meats. To be honest I’m not so keen on trying these because they’re all soya-based and I seem to have become sensitive to soya. If I do try them, I will let you know how I get on, otherwise, I will share my thoughts on products that I do try.

The tofu curry from Wasabi looked really interesting too. It will probably be one of the first few things I try considering I’m a curry lover {haha}.

I will definitely let you know my thoughts on the items I try. In the meantime, if you enjoy these sort of posts kindly let me know so that I do more of them. They are afterall a great way to share new products as they launch.


This post is not sponsored, however, the items displayed were gifts from Sainsbury's. The opinions expressed are all mine. 

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