Self-care Saturday – Eating Vegan at Ask Italian

Self-care Saturday – Eating Vegan at Ask Italian

Self-care has a different meaning to everyone. For you, it may mean checking in to an expensive hotel and treating yourself to a spa treatment or a massage. For another person, it may mean going on an exotic holiday or jetting off to the Caribbean.

While these options sound incredible, they are all unrealistic for me and my lifestyle. And you know what, that is OK! I used to think I was failing in life when I saw other people on social media post these things on a regular basis, but I’ve come to realise that it is not the case at all.

Even if I could afford to live such a lavish lifestyle, I most likely wouldn’t. I’m more about the simple things in life, and that is not to say I don’t enjoy luxurious things. That lifestyle is merely unrealistic for me on a regular basis.

For me, {realistic} self-care means reading a book, going out for a long walk while listening to jazz or something mellow, having a bath, going shopping, sitting at Starbucks and enjoying a soy cappuccino or having a meal at a restaurant.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my page is food a fest. I cook every, single day and that my friend is no mean feat! So you’ll probably understand when I say that it is nice to take a day off cooking and let some else feed me nourishing, delicious food.

I stick with Asian cuisine whenever I eat out because I’m always sure there’ll be a suitable plant-based option. Today I decided to switch things up and go Italian. ASK Italian was my restaurant of choice and it didn’t disappoint!

Ordering was effortless because there was a vegan menu. Yasss! I had to ask for it though, so if you choose to go there after reading this, keep that in mind. There were a decent variety of options to choose from for starter and main.

I usually don’t bother with starters when I’m eating out. I prefer to go directly for the main and then order a variety of veggie sides if I’m feeling super hungry. Today was no different, I ordered the spaghetti lentil ragu and the vegan rainbow salad. On the menu, it is described as “a hearty ragu of green lentils and mixed vegetables in a rich sun-dried tomato sauce”. There is the option to make your meal gluten-free too which is awesome if you’re avoiding gluten or have a diagnosed intolerance.

The lentil ragu was incredibly flavourful; it was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have devoured the whole thing if the portion wasn’t so big. Mind you, I didn’t let it go to waste, I took the rest of it home with me, no shame at all.

I had such a wonderful experience so I will go back to try the other dishes on their menu at some point. The price of everything on the menu is quite reasonable especially when you consider the portion size they give you. Even though I haven’t tried the other dishes on their menu, I’ll highly recommend you visit them, if only to try this lentil ragu.

There are many ASK Italian restaurants all over England, click here to find one closest to you.


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