Do you want to start eating a vegan diet, but don’t where to start? Are you already vegan, but currently eating a diet that is jam-packed with processed foods, and would like some help transitioning to a healthy, whole foods vegan diet? Are you currently overweight, but need to lose weight to feel better or to control diabetes and other diet-related conditions? Then my Thriving Vegan coaching programme is exactly what you need!



  • Learn to eat a healthy, whole food, plant based diet that is naturally low in fat and nutrient dense.
  • Lose weight, get lean and fit without counting calories or constantly being hungry
  • Safely transition to a healthy vegan diet with a strategic plan without worrying about nutritional deficiencies
  • Prevent, control or eliminate diabetes and other diet-related conditions by eating healthy, nutrient-dense whole plant foods

Here is just some of what you can expect if you choose to work with me:

Whole Foods Plant Based Meal Plans

The Thriving Vegan meal plans contain simple recipes that you can make within 30 minutes. All recipes are based on whole foods that you can find easily, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time looking for ingredients. All meal plans are customised to suit your needs,  so allergies, food likes & dislikes and intolerances will be taken into consideration.

Detailed Shopping Guides

Our shopping guides will provide you all the information you need to know including:

  • tips on how to get value for your money
  • tips on how to eat on a budget
  • where to buy produce in bulk and save £££
  • ingredient alternatives where applicable

1:1 Support 

You will not be left on your own to figure things out. You can expect to receive:

  • daily emails to motivate you and keep you on track  [if needed[
  • weekly emails with tips, tools and lessons to help you develop lasting healthy habits
  • tips to help you deal with eating out
  • goal setting to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

I currently offer a customised one-off coaching session, and 6-week and 3-month coaching programmes. Click here to learn more or contact me to discuss your needs.