Stop categorising food as good or bad. Do this instead.

Instead of categorizing food as good or bad, do this… 

Are you one of those people who agree that food is neither good nor bad?

I personally think that there is good food and there is bad food, but I prefer not to categorize food that way because it is misleading. Before I go into how I prefer to view food, I want to go back a few steps.

I spend waste a great deal of time on Instagram, yes most of it is fake. I do it for good reason though, it is can be a great source of blog post ideas.

You may have seen many Instagrammers putting up photos of less-than-ideal foods and then advising their followers that they’re not bad. The foods they typically show are high in sugar, salt and or fat. Otherwise, they are comparisons of whole foods and refined foods. In some cases, the comparisons make some sense, in other cases, it leaves much to be desired.

Today I saw a comparison of white rice and brown rice. The poster showed the macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) composition of both types of rice and concluded that they were as good as each other. The poster did not compare the fiber content nor did he compare their micronutrient profiles.

Even though both types of rice provide roughly the same amount of calories, brown rice has more fiber, minerals, and vitamins than white rice. In fact, once you wash white rice, over 75% of any sprayed-on nutrients are washed off, very unlike brown rice. You can read more about that in this post. 

Refined foods, particularly pastries, ice creams, and sweets are typically classified as bad foods. Yes, they are high in fat and sugar, so they could be bad for you if you eat them too often. However, they also provide some of the basic macronutrients that our bodies need. But does that mean they are good foods?

Well, I don’t know that they are good foods, but I know that they are not nourishing! Most of them do not provide micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, and essential fats. If our bodies needed only fats, carbs and proteins to survive, there would be no such thing as vitamin or mineral-deficiency diseases.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having processed foods once in a while. However, making them a regular part of your diet is not the best idea especially if you constantly choose them over foods that are more nutrient-dense. You could look fine on the outside, but on the inside, the story may be completely different.

The only question I ask myself when choosing food is ‘will this nourish my body?’ If I can honestly answer yes to that question, I go ahead and eat. I suppose I don’t need to ask myself that question too often because my diet is based around whole foods anyway.

That said, I don’t choose nourishing foods 100% of the time. I have days when I want Oreos or crisps, but I make sure that those foods do not constitute more than 10% of my diet. I encourage you not to classify foods as good or bad but instead as nourishing or undernourishing. It may help you choose foods that are more beneficial to your health more often than not.





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