Vegan Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Treat your loved ones to these amazing gifts!

2017 Edition: Vegan Christmas Gift Guide. Wondering what to get your loved ones (and yourself) this Christmas? This gift guide should come in super handy!

Seasons greetings lovely!

I can’t believe it is already that time of the year again, can you? How does it come by so fast?

Every single year, a Christmas Savings commercial appears on TV from around the end of the year until the end of January, encouraging families to put aside a little amount of money regularly for Christmas. The idea is that you save money every week or every month so that by the end of the year you have enough money to buy presents for your loved ones without agonising over funds.

Fantastic idea, right?

Every single year I swear to sign up and every single year I don’t. And it is not because I don’t want to, somehow I just manage to put it off until I eventually forget. November comes around and the panicking ensues…

Well, it has happened again this year. And yes, I’m currently hanging my head shame. I promise this is the last year it’s happening because the commercial popped up and I’ve literally just signed up!  Whoop! For next year, that is. Lol!

If you struggle with the same thing, it may be something to consider doing.

I am still undecided on what exactly I’ll be getting my family and friends for Christmas, and December is already upon us. I really need to sort out my tendencies. Anyhow, I have been compiling lists (very unlike last year), so I have an idea of what I’ll be getting. Amen to progress!

I know I’m not the only last-minute shopper so I’m sharing the things that have got me super excited just in case they help you out. These ideas could be especially useful if you’re a new vegan and you’re still trying to find your way around. You’re welcome! 😉

2017 Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Tofu Press

Tofu absorbs so much more flavour if you squeeze the water out of it first. Using cans of tomatoes and half a roll of kitchen towel to squeeze the excess water of tofu gets old very quickly!

Tofuture’s tofu press makes the whole process a breeze and really takes tofu dishes to the next level.

All you need to do is place the tofu in the inner tub, pull the elastic bands down over the hooks and leave it in the fridge for a few hours at least. Remove the pressed tofu and cook your favourite dishes. Easy!

This costs £24.99 at Amazon.


Baileys Almande

I was so excited when I found out that Baileys had finally released the vegan version of their classic Irish cream in the UK.

This one is made with almond milk and vanilla. If you’re a huge Baileys fan like myself and my family, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited to get it either for yourself (why not) or for a family member so you can share the fun.

You can purchase this from Whole foods in the UK or online for £19.99 from The Goodness Project.


Booja-Booja Chocolate Truffles

Christmas is not the same without an abundance of luxury chocolate. These chocolate truffles by Booja-Booja is the perfect present for any chocoholic and will certainly add a touch of luxury to your Christmas celebrations.

The collection includes their Fine de champagne, cherry cognac, stem ginger, and around midnight espresso truffles.

You can purchase this collection from Amazon or you can get the special edition gift collection from The Goodness Project for £14.90.


Matt & Nat Backpack 

Matt & Natt are a stylish vegan accessories brand that is dedicated to protecting nature and the environment. They make the most beautiful bags and endeavour to use eco/recycled/recycled materials for their wherever possible.

Backpacks are a great everyday essential especially for lugging laptops around. This is an essential for anyone who works on the go, and you certainly won’t have to compromise on style with this one.

You can get this directly from Matt & Nat for £110.00 or from The Natural Collection for £107.95.



This book is a true celebration of vegetables. There are lots of ideas for salads (cooked and raw), soups, potatoes, grains, side dishes and so much more.

The recipes in River Cottage Much More Veg do not involve the use of fake/mock meats. So if you want a book that is going to steer in the direction of eating simple whole, plant-based foods, this one is a winner!

You can purchase this from Amazon for £9.99.


Camellia oil is an ancient Japanese beautifying oil. It has anti-aging, anti-microbial and conditioning properties.

With its light, velvety and silky texture, this ultra-hydrating The Body Shop body butter leaves your skin very moisturised and beautifully scented.

This would be a great gift for anyone who is obsessed with maintaining youthful skin.

You can buy this from £7.00 from The Body Shop.


Nutribullet Blender

The Nutribullet is a must-have product for every new plant-based or vegan foodie.

It is not only great for making the smoothest smoothies (pun intended), it also comes in handy for making purees, nut creams and soups.

You can purchase this from Amazon for £54.99.


No Meat Athlete Cookbook

Are you an athlete considering going vegan but worried about getting enough protein?

Matt Frazier shows you with this cookbook that you have absolutely nothing to worry about! He teaches you how to eat to support your athletic goals. Better still, all of his delicious recipes are based solely on whole, plant-based foods!

You can purchase this online at Amazon for £11.99


Raw Halo Organic Chocolate Bar Christmas Wishes Gift Box

Specially designed for Christmas, Raw Halo’s gift set includes Pure Mylk, Pure Dark, Dark with Mint, Dark with Sweet Orange, Dark with Ginger & Pecan and Mylk with Cinnamon & Raisin. Each flavour contains natural ingredients with no refined sugar.

You can purchase this directly from Raw Halo or from the Natural Collection for £18.99.


Even BPA-free containers still contain harmful chemicals that can leach into our food. These 5-set glass containers eliminate those worries and still keep your meal prep game strong.

You can purchase this from Amazon for £24.95

And there you have it, 10 vegan Christmas gift ideas for 2017. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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