Is a vegan diet right for you?

Want to know if a vegan diet is suitable for you or if you have any nutritional deficiencies that need correcting? These tests may be ideal for you!

Vegan and plant-based diets are trendy these days. While some adopt the lifestyle for ethical and health reasons, others are in it merely because it is the fresh new diet on the block. Whatever your driving-force is, there is no doubt that you can benefit from eating a diet that is rich in plants.

With health benefits ranging from a lower risk of heart disease, cancers, and obesity to clearer skin, more energy and weight loss, the appeal is compelling. A plant-based diet could mean ditching animal products entirely, or it could mean making them a minor component of your diet.

Remember, that we all have different bodies. What works well for me, may not work for you and could even make a third person illHealth  So how do you know what will work well for you?

In all honesty, there is no definite way of knowing how your body will react to an entirely vegan diet unless you try it for a few months at least. You could have allergies to animal-based products that you’re unaware of. Eliminating them one at a time could be an extended, drawn-out process. If you don’t want to have to go through the long, tedious process of an elimination diet, there is an alternative that might interest you!


Health Labs now offers blood tests that let you know how well your body processes animal products and whether or not you are better off eliminating them from your diet. Depending on which package you choose, they can test your sensitivity to up to 38 different animal products, including meat and dairy.

Unlike most other allergy and sensitivity tests, Health Labs tests do not require painful skin pricks or fasting. Instead, they utilise a simple, pain-free blood test to check for allergens and you get your results within 1-2 days.

If you’re already vegan and eating a diet that is not rich in whole plant-based foods, there is a possibility that you could be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. You could also be eating a diet that is rich in whole, plant-based foods, but may not be adequately absorbing critical nutrients from it.

If you have been eating a vegan diet for some time and would like to know whether or not you’re deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, iron, Vitamin D3 and folic acid, the Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel Test may be just what you need. The results will help you determine which foods you need to add to your diet to help you meet your nutritional needs if you lack in anything.

You can get 25% off any of these tests using the coupon code SOMIVEGAN. If you do try any of these tests, it would be great if you shared your experience in the comments below. Happy testing!

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